Monday, April 4, 2011

Our conversation with Humber's Professor Elio Varela

Interview Questions

How do you define inspiration in your own words?

Inspiration is what drives you to create the reality around you. I believe you are what you want to be, whatever goals you setup can be achievable and certainly approachable, and inspiration is that driver that helps you change that reality. What you want to do depends on your idea development, that idea helps you focus on prior goals that causes inspiration. It comes from many sources, their are things that trigger the process around you, connect a quote inside you, and that all helps you find inspiration out of an idea.

What has been the most inspiring moment for you?

Their are many goals and moments in life that occurred, sometimes it is an experience that helps you figure what you want to do by changing reality. My parents are both university professors, when I was a kid I took a trip to my parent’s university to see what it’s like. I was fascinated by the environment and teaching as a whole that I myself became a professor as well, and that moment to me is very inspiring. Through my parents you can see how rewarding the experiences are and how it can change/affect someone's life as a professor. You make that change by aiming high and concentrating on what you want to accomplish.

How do you keep inspiration alive for others?

Sometimes it’s about helping people discover the potential in them by sharing common experiences you relate to and learn from. To have an idea and know what its like to achieve it can help me effectively explain others to drive their ideas as well. The message is to put yourself in the situation and generate the possible positive outcome. Even more, the most powerful way to inspire is helping a person to fear out by dropping it and meeting your goals. Be realistic, some hurdles you go through are though, but you need to drive to get out of obstacles. Be confident that you want to do something in life.

How do you inspire yourself?

I draw a lot out from people; I see what people are doing and how they are overcoming obstacles in their daily lives. Knowing that, I get inspired by overcoming obstacles and by doing so I generate a positive outcome. Speaking of inspiration, you should check out the Maxwell commercial if you didn't already, although the commercial is about coffee it depicts how a kid communicates positively which is inspiring in a way. People go through rough times, learning about people's life, and their achievements, I figured that everyone is capable of doing incredible things by all means. You have to drive yourself to achieve what you want to do. My entire family does these daily quotes related to running that leads to inspiration. Life lessons apply to many aspects of life as a whole.

How would you describe management?

It is to effectively and efficiently complete tasks; it is a process you approach in a structured manner. That process consists of planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. Management is efficiently and effectively achieving business goals for an organization that requires a set of skills. You can develop those skills; you don't apply it just to business but to many aspects of life. For example, balance your check book, plan a vacation, helping your family with home work and inspiring them in a way. Just review your to-do list at the end of the day by planning out what you are going to do. You're applying management principles if it requires structural and pro approach methods.

Overall, it has been a great interview with Elio and he has inspired us!

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